Yes, I am going to continue to post these! Gives me an excuse to write something :)

Still looking cold and dry for the wedding. Do dress warm, and please do eat breakfast before arriving. I’ve posted up the basic details of what’s going on during the day + some of the menu on our “The Big Day” page. Our toastmaster Alan will be on hand to make sure everyone is where they should be, and the whole day should be a lot of fun with plenty of little surprises :)

After winter’s opening salvo, a milder spell of weather at present across the UK, but unfortunately quite short lived before the cold returns. In the run up to the festive season, we can expect snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures, and at present, the battle-lines are being drawn between cold air to the north and mild air to the south, as to who ends up with a White Christmas, although at present, Scotland; NE England; E England, and SE England look favourites to see some snow. This battle will long be over by the time we approach your wedding day, and from what I can see of conditions this morning, I’d concur with the majority of the previous forecasts PWS has issued, it’s looking dry but cold. For a time, milder air did seem to be making inroads across the UK, but it now looks as though colder conditions will win out. Having said that, not extreme cold as we’ve experienced in December, more manageable cold. I’d say, a chilly but dry day, with some decent spells of sunshine and a low threat from wintry weather. We shall update you next week.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

Next Forecast:  Sunday December 19th 2010 (Forecasts are now weekly!)

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