Less than a week until Christmas!
I wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas next weekend.

In case anyone was wondering, no, I’ve not done Christmas cards this year! I have however made wedding favours 😀

Winter continues to grind the UK into the ground, but as we head towards the festive season, change is on the horizon. At present, the cold air positioned to the north has the upper hand, but to the south and west, milder air is beginning to advance and make inroads into the dominant cold, which has gripped the UK for the past 4 weeks. The big question is, exactly how long will it hold on for? Here’s my televised forecast on BBC News 24 from last Monday, click on link.


However, the battle will continue for dominance, and the ‘battle lines’ will determine who gets a White Christmas and who doesn’t. After Christmas, it looks a little bit clear cut, with milder air beginning to dominate. So what of the wedding week, well, a shift possibly to milder conditions could indicate some rather bizarrely mild weather around during this time, but I do believe, colder air will push back in, and at present, I’d be inclined to think that you will still have a predominately dry day, and not an overly cold day for your wedding.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

Next Forecast:  Sunday December 26th 2010 (Forecasts are now weekly!)

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