The wedding is next month! How exciting to be able to say that :)

We now have our Wedding rings (thanks to Steffans), we’ve had our final meet with the registrars, a good natter with Wayne the DJ and Ed our videographer. The flowers are organised, we’re all suited and booted, and we’re ready to go!

Thankfully, everything is falling into place. Having a wicked time organising all the last details & hopefully everything is gonna be alright on the night!

Winter, apart from a few fleeting jaunts into milder conditions, is here to stay now, and whereas snow will not be as much in evidence as it has been, it will still be present. That said, it’s the freezing temperatures that will continue to make weather headlines, as the coldest start to a winter for 100 years continues. January still looks like starting on a cold note, but having said that, there are some indications that the Atlantic may have a say in our weather at the start of 2011, meaning that there is the possibility that some ‘milder’ air will present, taking the sting out the cold for a short time. The system continues to also show some moisture around during the time of the wedding, and whereas snow would of been first choice, there is a suggestion of rain more than anything. However, I’m inclined at this stage to go for a chiefly dry but not overly cold day with some sunny spells, and temperatures around the 4c/39f mark. As we approach the day, this is where the fine tuning begins. Finally, I’d be very surprised if the wedding were a washout with rain, I really can’t see that happening, and by the same token, ‘whited out’ with snow.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

Next Forecast:  Sunday December 12th 2010 (Forecasts are now weekly!)

Sixth Wedding Weather Forecast

Less than six weeks to go!

The gift list is also now open.

As you may of noticed, Winter has arrived, and is set to bite hard for the remainder of November and into December, with further snowfall and quite brutal overnight temperatures. However, milder conditions will take control, but only for a short while, before the Winter returns. For the rest of December, generally cold, with a White Christmas possible for Scotland; North-East England, and down the Eastern side of the UK, al;though a stray snow flurry elsewhere cannot be ruled out. January will start on a cold note as well, but probably not as cold as December has been, so at present, your day is looking potentially dry but not overly cold. The system does show some moisture around during this time, and as we approach the day, we’ll be able to isolate exactly where that will be location wise. January itself will probably be on the average for temperature, but still able to pack a punch at times, with cold temperatures and snowfall at times. So in summary, no white out is expected, potentially dry, and not overly cold.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

Next Forecast:  Sunday December 5th 2010 (Forecasts are now weekly!)

Gift Lists, RSVPs & other stories…

Hey everyone! We’ve had quite a few people enquire about our gift list. We do have one, but it doesn’t open until 6 weeks prior to the wedding. Full details can be found on the gift list page. The deadline for RSVPing was yesterday, but if you haven’t gotten back to us yet you can […]

Fifth Wedding Weather Forecast

So the invitations are out (mostly), and we’ve now sorted out the gift list – details can be found on the gift list page. Not long to go now! The forecast is looking more and more like there will be some snow around the time of the wedding. Please be prepared for that eventuality. Dress […]

3 months to go…

If you’re me, you will have noticed that today is the 8th of October, and therefore exactly 3 months before the wedding! If you’re not me, that will probably only strike you as mildly interesting 😛 The countdown timer now shows 91 days to go, and I am exactly 50-50 split between being extremely excited, and panicking that there is still so much left to do!

Possibly the scariest thing is that there’s 3 months to go and there’s an awful lot of people still wondering where their invitations are! The first wave have either been hand delivered or are on their way to you, the second wave will be posted early next week (once I’ve finished writing them all!). Once you receive your invitation you’ll be able to do two things: first you’ll be able to RSVP online here via the website and second you’ll be able to book a room at Hothorpe Hall should you want one.

Other than the invites, most things are booked and organised, even if they’re not finalised, so there’s not too much to worry about. My dress has arrived (and it fits), the bridesmaids are sorted, David has been measured and the cake, flowers, photographer and entertainment are all booked. Most importantly our honeymoon is booked which is a bit bizarre because it means there is actually life after the wedding!

In addition, I have also started to update the information on the website to reflect what’s going on. Most of the key information also appears on the invitations, but there’s a bit more room on the website so it is a bit more verbose. Any questions, feel free to text/call/email/tweet/facebook/write a comment/all of the above :)

Happy Hen Weekend :D

End of the night
This weekend I went to Birmingham for my hen weekend. We had a fabulous time at Cadbury’s World eating far too much chocolate, followed by curry at the apartment and a wicked night out on the tiles. I had a really fantastic weekend, but felt rather worse for wear on Sunday… thank heavens for Sara’s breakfast!

I just want to say a big thank-you to Sara, Annika, Holly, Amy, Harriet and Kay for all of my presents and making it such a special weekend 😀

Fourth Wedding Weather Forecast

It’s starting to get interesting! 3 and a bit months to go! Lots of news coming soon The latest software run for your wedding shows January to be, and quite expectedly, a chilly month, with intermittent snow showers, but also some decent stretches of drier and brighter weather. It is quite feasible that during the […]

Third Wedding Weather Forecast

What’s better? Cold and dry or warm and wet? I think I’d prefer if it didn’t rain! A shift in the long range prediction for January 2010, with a change in the patterns governing the weather not just for January, but for Winter 2010/11 as a whole. January would seem to indicate a month where […]

It’s all under way!

So after a month or so of having far too much work to do to even think about wedding planning, I have a blissful week off! I’ve really managed to crack on this week and it seems like everything is finally falling into place! For all you people worried about booking rooms – you’ll be able to do this once the invites are sent as they will contain full details.

Second Wedding Weather Forecast

Woah, it’s been a month! I haven’t written much, but lots has been going on – it just hasn’t been very interesting!  Invitations will be sent in September and bookings for rooms at the venue will be open around the same time. I will be back writing more here soon, but for now here’s the new forecast […]