I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas! Wishing you all a Happy New Year this Friday, and see you all the following week :)

Any questions about anything wedding related don’t be afraid to get in touch 😀

At present, the PWS system shows January starting on a reasonably mild and dry note, with some sunny spells around. After a couple of days into 2011, the system is picking up some rain, which will with a drop in temperature, readily turn to snow. The snow is not expected to amount to much, so there is no immediate cause for concern. The snow quickly fades away to leave us with several dry days up to January 8th, where our system shows another band of rain is making its presence felt. Friday January 7th looks reasonably dry and mild, whilst the 8th does see a couple of rain showers, but nothing substantial. Sunday 10th is showing more in the way of rain. I wouldn’t read a great deal into this, as the weather patterns look quite unstable in the early part of January, with no one theme or trend winning out, and when this happens, reliability and general forecast confidence is low. So, as it stands, it’s looking unstable around the wedding date, but the percentages seem in your favour for it to at least not be cold, but there is the threat from some rain. Normally, we would advise clients to wait until the forecast goes daily before any possible rethinking is done with regards to timing of outside photography etc.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

From next Sunday, the forecast goes daily. On Friday January 7th, the forecast goes hourly.

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