The weather continues to hold for Saturday. The sequence of days up to Saturday and beyond has changed a little though. For Wednesday, expect a rather overcast day with some rain showers from time to time. Thursday holds weather wise, with a dry day in prospect, and some sunny spells. Friday still looks rather wet, with some periods of potentially heavy rain. I still expect that rain to clear out of the way late on Friday, to leave a dry day on Saturday, although probably a little more cloud cover around now, so rather overcast for the most part. Sunday has shaken off the amount of rain it looked like receiving, now just leaving patchy light rain and sunny spells. Attention then falls squarely on the band of rain associated with Friday’s system, and whether or not it will clear in time for Saturday. As we approach Thursday, affairs will begin to solidify, meaning that generally speaking, the pattern that is predicted then should hold firm for Saturday. It’s still 70/30 in your favour, and the system still shows good confidence for your day. All PWS can do is monitor the situation now and advise accordingly. PWS will update tomorrow evening.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

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