Starting to look like rain… booo!

The weather has suddenly turned a little more fluid, enough for Charlotte to call in a second opinion, me [Jonathan Powell]. As it stands, your Saturday seems to be an oasis at present in the middle of a lot of wet weather, both on the Friday, and as stated yesterday, the Sunday. The system points to Tuesday and Wednesday carrying a few rain showers, nothing of great consequence, but rain nonetheless. Thursday looks like a drier and brighter day with some decent spells of sunshine, and only a minimal threat from rain showers. Friday looks more unsettled, as a band of rain crosses your region, and it does indeed look heavy for a time as well, which might be something to consider on the eve of the wedding. That rain pushes clear late on Friday, to leave a dry day on January 8th, with some spells of sunshine. Temperatures for Saturday will reach 4c/39f by ceremony time. Sunday looks wet, as does Monday, and this does give PWS cause for concern. With no one pattern of weather winning out, you must brace yourselves for the possibility of rain on your day, and as saddening as this is, it’s being realistic. The system does show clear at present for Saturday, but we must prepare for a possible different eventuality. PWS will update tomorrow evening.

Disclaimer.  Whilst every effort is taken to provide as accurate a forecast as possible, we cannot guarantee the eventual outcome of the prediction made.

Forecasts will now be issued every evening for the following day up until Friday. On Friday evening, you will receive an hour by hour forecast for Saturday.

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